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Building a Strong Foundation for Happily Ever After
Purpose Of Premarital Counseling

What’s The Purpose of premarital Counseling

Did you know that premarital Counseling can help prevent divorce by 50%? Over 50% of…

ByByHoney Let’s TalkOct 10, 20206 min read
Premarital Counseling With A Pastor

What Is Premarital Counseling With A Pastor? A Guide For Couples.

There are many premarital counseling sessions that you can take to help prepare for marriage.…

ByByHoney Let’s TalkJul 25, 20216 min read
When Should You Start Premarital Counseling

When Is The Best Time To Start Premarital Counseling

The first thing many couples think of when they hear premarital counseling is “getting married”.…

ByByHoney Let’s TalkJul 15, 20216 min read
Best premarital counseling programs in Kenya

Best Premarital Counseling Programs in Kenya

Did you know that couples who have done premarital counseling programs have shared that the…

ByByHoney Let’s TalkOct 11, 20206 min read
Do Pastors Charge For Premarital Counseling?

Do Pastors Charge For Premarital Counseling?

Are you looking for a pastor to conduct your premarital counseling? You might get a…

ByByHoney Let’s TalkJul 18, 20216 min read
How do you conduct premarital counseling?

Do This To Effectively Conduct Premarital Counseling Session

Lots of articles talk about premarital counseling, and we’ve been doing our fair share of…

ByByHoney Let’s TalkJul 18, 20218 min read
Does marriage counseling work after separation?

Does marriage counseling work after separation?

Marriage counseling is known to have a significant positive impact on helping couples who are struggling in their marriage. But, does marriage counseling work after a separation?  This is the question we aim to answer in-depth in this blog post. Although it may seem counterintuitive, marriage counseling after separation can…

ByByHoney Let’s TalkNov 1, 20226 min read
premarital counseling techniques

Premarital Counseling Techniques (Ultimate Guide)

Pre-marital counseling is essential for any couple that wants to have a successful marriage. There…

ByByHoney Let’s TalkNov 7, 202113 min read
premarital counseling for couples living together

Premarital Counseling Questions For Couples Living Together

There are several reasons that cause couples to move in and live together before marriage.…

ByByHoney Let’s TalkOct 22, 20207 min read

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