should christian couples read the bible together

Should Dating couples read the Bible together?

There is a common misconception that dating couples should not read the Bible together. Actually, reading God’s word with your dating partner can be one of the most effective ways to share and teach each other about Jesus Christ while dating!

Answer- Of course, the Bible is not just for married couples. Dating couples can and should read it together! The Bible will be a great reference point for conversations about sensitive topics such as forgiveness and marriage. There are also many passages that discuss love, sex, dating relationships, friendship, family life, and more in detail. Reading the Bible together will give you a new perspective on what God wants your relationship to look like!

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  3. The Meaning of Marriage-Timothy Keller
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Below are ten reasons why dating couples should absolutely read scripture as an important part of their relationship:

  1. It strengthens commitment and builds trust in relationships by helping you to grow closer spiritually.
  2. You’ll have more life examples from which to learn how you might respond better next time when faced with difficulties or challenges in your relationship.
  3. The shared interest keeps two people coming back for more; it creates a healthy conversation between dating partners.
  4. You will have the opportunity to teach each other what you learn while reading, which can help both of you grow deeper in faith.
  5. Reading the Bible together as a couple helps you understand one another better helps reduce conflicts that often come as a result of misunderstandings or miscommunications between dating partners.
  6. Reading the Bible might give clarity on topics like forgiveness or marriage that could be confusing to talk about without any outside perspective (especially if this would be an uncomfortable subject matter).
  7. It also offers insights into how things should ideally be in marriage.
  8. Reading the Bible together can be a way to actually grow closer as dating partners, with an increased understanding of one another and what matters most within your relationship.
  9. It will give you opportunity for more laughter, fewer disagreements, or better communication skills down the line.
  10. If something does go wrong (which it inevitably might), both parties have a good sense of why things happen because they are familiar with Scripture and how God works through people’s lives.
  11. This is not to mention that reading the Bible has been shown to increase positive outcomes such as stability in relationships and less bickering!
  12. Reading the Bible together will help dating couples build intimacy- By understanding how God design relationships will give insight on how they should carry themselves in the relationship
  13. Dating couples who want to follow the bible should read it together.

Want some practical tips? How about If you don’t know where to start reading from – try Psalms; You can also download the Youversion Bible App and start doing the reading plans together it works magic.

Conclusion: dating couples need a spiritual connection as much as they need physical intimacy

Should dating couples read the Bible together? God has given us his word, and it is our personal responsibility to study it. Reading the Bible increases positive outcomes for relationships such as instability with one another and less fighting!

There are many ways that we can approach reading scripture; however, dating couples should find a way of studying where both partners have equal input on how often they want to do this. It’s important for dating couples to understand what God says about relationships so that they will know how best to behave within them. We all start somewhere when approaching new things like marriage or even just being courteous by texting back

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