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12 Characteristics of a Godly Man That Attracts Christian Women

When it comes to signs of a godly man, there are 12 important characteristics that Christian women should look for. These signs will help them discern if the man they’re interested in is someone who truly has Jesus in his life and knows what he’s doing. Having someone who is godly gives Christian women hope for their future and the ability to trust in him.

In a world where we are surrounded by temptation and sin, it is important to know what qualities make up the perfect man. The Bible says in Proverbs 31:10 that “who can find a virtuous woman? She is worth far more than rubies.” It goes on to say that she does not worry about things because her husband takes care of them. That may be easier said than done these days, but there are some characteristics of a godly man you should look for when finding your next mate.

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1. A Godly Man Is Not Self-Centered

A man who is godly isn’t self-centered and usually puts others before himself. He doesn’t put his own needs above those of others. As the scripture suggests in Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

He doesn’t think he’s better than anyone else and is humble in nature. He has a servant- heart that puts others before himself, but also takes care of his own needs so he can be there for those around him when they need him most. These signs of a godly man will make Christian women feel special and loved

If a man only thinks about himself that is a huge red flag and Christian women should run.

2. A Godly Man Is Humble

Godliness also includes humility: a quality that’s attractive in any person but especially for Christian women who want their significant other to honor them as much as they try to honor him.

Humility means recognizing one’s own weaknesses without feeling shame; it also involves having an awareness of one’s limitations while striving toward goals that are too big for oneself alone (and being okay with asking others for help). A humble person will recognize the gifts God has given him instead of trying to take credit by saying “I can do anything.”

When it comes to sin a godly man is honest with himself about his sinful nature and struggles but chooses not to let his sin control him.

3. A Godly Man Uses Words That Build Others Up, Not Tear Them Down

A man who is godly doesn’t use words to tear others down but rather builds them up. He takes care of his speech so it’s not mean and negative, but instead is encouraging and makes those around him feel good about themselves (even if they’re having a bad day).

A man who uses words to build others up will leave Christian women feeling uplifted after being with him. A woman never wants her significant other to be someone she has to walk on eggshells around because he constantly puts her down or says things that are hurtful in some way. These signs of a godly man make Christian women feel safe when they have conversations with their partners.

Men may say these types of things without realizing the damage they can do: “The only way to do it is my way.” “You’re just not as smart, fast, or talented at this.”

4. A Godly Man Cultivates Healthy friendship With Other Men In The Church

Christian women should also pay attention if a potential partner doesn’t seem close to any male family members or friends; what does it say about this person? It could be signs of an unhappy childhood which can lead to problems as an adult- especially in the marriage department!

Another issue might be he doesn’t like accountability which is another red flag!

A godly man is one who cultivates healthy friendships with other men in the church. He’s not afraid of being vulnerable or letting others help him through struggles and tough times- even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

If a man has no guys like this in his life that means he doesn’t have anyone to talk about things or spend time with. It also could mean something else and it’s important for Christian women to discern what is going on before getting married!

Men need other men for accountability, encouragement, and fellowship.

A good question would be: “What male friends do you hang out with?” If the answer is, “I don’t really know many people,” then this may not be the sign of a godly man she thinks she wants.

5. Has A Personal relationship With Christ

This sounds obvious but’s very common for people to be in a relationship without having this.

A man who is godly will have a close personal relationship with Christ and it’ll show through his actions. He may actively participate in church activities, read the Bible regularly, talk about God freely- even if he doesn’t want everyone else around him to know that he has faith because he knows how much these signs matter to Christian women! A sign of a godly man like this one would make any woman feel special when they meet him at first glance.

6. A Goldy Man Is A Man Of Integrity

A godly man is a man of integrity. He’s honest in his dealings with others and will never use words to manipulate or deceive. A woman can trust this type of person because he doesn’t have an ulterior motive- there are signs that show him as someone she can count on for the long haul!

For example, when it comes to relationships a godly man has boundaries. If something crosses those lines then he knows it’s not right and will take care so things don’t go too far. This helps Christian women feel safe enough to open up about their needs without fear of getting hurt again later down the line. They also know they’ll be able to rely on him if something goes wrong during their relationship.

A sign of a godly man like this one is someone who always does what he says he will do! He’s honest, trustworthy, and reliable- signs that show him as someone she can count on for the long haul!

7. A Godly Man Is A Man Of Prayer

A godly man is a man of prayer. He understands the power that comes from this and he knows how to use it in his life! When signs like these are present, Christian women know they can trust their partner with anything because he’s not afraid of getting down on his knees when needed.

8. A Godly man is not perfect, but he will admit when he’s wrong

He takes responsibility for mistakes by apologizing and making things right.

A godly man is someone who takes responsibility for his actions. He’s not perfect and he knows that, but it’s a sign of maturity and character!

A man who refuses to take responsibility for his mistakes will always be looking for an easy way out.

9. A Godly man values his wife as a partner and respects her opinion

A godly man values his wife as a partner and respects her opinion.

A sign of this would be when he listens to your thoughts about what you want for the future- signs show him as someone she can count on for the long haul!

He doesn’t have all the answers but he’s willing to listen: signs like these make Christian women feel special because they know their voice matters in any relationship!


The most important thing for a man to be is a Godly Man. A godly man values his girlfriend/wife as a partner and respects her opinion, he’s not perfect but will admit when he’s wrong, has an intimate relationship with Christ, cultivates healthy friendships with other men in the church, uses words that build others up instead of tearing them down and doesn’t put himself first. We’ve compiled some great blog posts on this topic so check out our blog on “godly dating” or contact us if you have any questions!