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Hi! Welcome to Honey Let’s Talk where we say “When We Talk We Make It Better“.

We are a couple passionate about helping young couples navigate their relationship issues. Our desire is to create a huge platform for young couples to find helpful resources that will build strong and thriving relationships that leads to long-lasting marriages. We believe God has the best strategy for thriving relationships, so all of our content is guided by Christian values through the Bible.

The Honey Let’s Talk blog and YouTube channel are both archives of our experience as relationship coaches, with the goal to provide helpful advice for those looking to make their dating a fulfilling experience.

We usually say “When We Talk, We Make It Better”because we believe a relationship is 90% communication and 10% the rest of the things. If a couple knows how to effectively communicate they make their relationship better every single day. Improving your relationship on a daily basis will result in a strong and fulfilling dating experience that leads to a long-lasting marriage.

Here’s a quote I love

Faith that rest on God’s timeline is faith that doesn’t disappoint

Shadrack T. Ashaiyo

God has built men and women differently, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. As his children, we are uniquely gifted in different areas that make us compatible to work as a team towards becoming better individuals and making our relationships last. However, in the hope of building strong relationships and a marriage, we must rest our confidence in him and his timeline. As we pray for our spouse to change we must be careful not to expect it to happen in our timeline, we must have faith in God and rest our confidence in His timing, that in His own time He will make everything beautiful

Our Vision

Our vision is simple to help 1,000 couples prepare well for marriage by guiding them through scripture and premarital counseling.

We post different kinds of content, including but not limited to;


Articles that are geared to helping you live a better life as a single person. We post weekly tips, ideas, and advice to help you be whole in your current state.


We want to help you not only be a better person, but also to be well-prepared for your relationship. We post content that is helpful for Christian couples who are in the process of dating. Furthermore, we believe dating is the best place to find out more about yourself and your partner, as you think about marriage.


Because we are married we want to document our story and share our experience as we journey through this marriage life. This section will help you grow better in your relationship with God and your relationship with your partner.


We also post article on preparation for marriage. Helpful content that you need as you prepare for marriage.

Hope this is helpful.

Just a disclaimer, This site contains articles from different individuals, couples, and singles. We have a team of writers that contributes to our blog. This helps us produce more high-quality content that is helpful and diverse.

To reach us for any other inquiries feel free to contact us on the contact us page or send us an email on shadrameniah@gmail.com or +254 700 547 969

“Honey Let’s talk. When we talk we make it better.”
— Shadrack T. Ashaiyo

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

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