bedroom games for christian couples

If you are looking for some bedroom games to spice up your marriage, then this post is for you. This post will highlight 50+ different bedroom games that Christian couples can play together to add an extra element of excitement and fun into their relationship.

Some of the games in the list include playing with a blindfold, doing silly tasks around the house, or participating in a “truth or dare” game. Christian couples should feel free to try out any of these ideas as they see fit–some might be more appropriate than others depending on ones’ denomination!

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  1. 20 questions [Ask each other 20 questions to get to know the other person better] See examples questions here on this post: 50 How well do you know your partner questions.
  2. Bible verse quiz [Ask each other a question from scripture and see who can answer it first!]
  3. Blindfolded tasks [One partner completes an activity blindly, such as making tea or doing laundry. The task is harder than usual.]
  4. Dirty truths/dares [Complete a list of dirty truth or dare activities that are different ]
  5. Kissing games
  6. Scrabble in bed (with a twist!)  – use words like “lust” and “sexy” for more fun!
  7. Have a “guess what I’m thinking?” competition where you take turns guessing what the other person is thinking without using words – just expressions or gestures!  
  8. Make a list of your favorite memories together and rank them
  9. Write down 10 things you love about your spouse or partner 
  10. Have a pillow fight 
  1. Take turns trying to get as close as possible without touching each other for one minute at a time
  2. Make out with each other for two minutes every hour of the day 
  3. Put on an erotic music playlist and dance naked for each other 
  4. Make a list of all the things you have in common, and then share them with each other
  5. Take turns telling your spouse one thing about yourself that they don’t know
  6. Share with each other something that has made you happy recently
  7. Have a “movie date” by watching your favorite movie at home and snuggling on the couch together
  8. Learn how to do origami together, like cranes or paper butterflies
  9. Would you rather…?
  10. Heads up 7 Up 
  11. Blindfolded kissing
  12. Play Simon Says
  13. Take turns describing your favorite memory of the other person
  14. Kiss for one minute without talking or moving 
  15. Share something with your partner’s eyes closed
  16. Put on some slow music and dance slowly
  17. Find a new way to pray together
  18. Exchange secrets with your spouse – share something that only they know about you and vice versa
  19. Give each other a foot massage
  20. Take turns giving each other compliments until one person runs out of compliments to give
  21. Have an indoor picnic by spreading out blankets or towels, setting up candles and putting food in baskets 
  22. Play “Truth or Dare” with questions that are appropriate for married couples only (i.e., What is your favorite sexual position?) 
  23. Write down three words on index cards that describe what it is like to be married to them 
  24. Play charades using words related to sex, marriage, lovemaking,
  25. Create sexy scenarios by taking turns describing what you’re doing to/with one another while blindfolded.
  26. Have a Bible study before bed
  27. Take turns reading passages of Scripture aloud to each other
  28. Play the word game – one person says a word and the other person has to say another word that rhymes with it
  29. Have a “pillow talk” before bedtime and share what you’re thankful for that day
  30. What are 3 qualities that make you the perfect match for your spouse, and why do they stand out to you most 
  31. Make up silly sentences starting with “I’m not sure if I’ll ever…” to reveal your deepest fears or desires
  32. Pretend you’re strangers meeting for the first time by asking each other 3 questions. See if you can convince your partner to date you
  33. Find a Bible verse that you and your spouse both like
  34. Play “I Spy” with household items 
  35. Have sex in different positions (or try new ones) 
  36. Give each other massages using oil or lotion 
  37. Take turns telling a story about yourselves from the time when you were children until now
  38. Write down all the reasons why you married them in the first place and then read it to each other
  39. Find out if they are ticklish by using their feet, nose, or underarms 
  40. Shower together for 15 minutes
  41. Seduce each other taking turn
  42. Play a board game together
  43. Play hide and seek 

These are the top 50 bedroom games you can pick and start playing today. Spice up your marriage with this recommendation.

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