healing from pain of infidelity

When someone experiences the heartbreak and betrayal associated with an affair, it can be difficult to shake off that feeling of being stuck in this dark place.

It’s hard to imagine how one could ever really heal from something so deep and painful without some form of outside help-a a proverbial knight in shining armor who will come save you!

The truth is there are many ways for survivors to learn coping mechanisms on their own which allow them to become fully healed over time. But if these first steps do not feel like they’re enough, then seek professional assistance as soon as possible because healing is possible.

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This article will give you some guides that can help in your healing process– whether it’s with family members or friends, during therapy sessions, reading helpful books, or even trying out new hobbies! The most important thing when going through any type of pain such as this is understanding that there IS HOPE.”

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Step One: Find a Support System

This is the most important step you can take! It’s vital to have people in your life who will listen as well as provide support when needed. You are not alone and it’s essential that you don’t try surviving infidelity on your own.

Reach out to family members, or friends, or even seek help from a professional therapist if needed so that you may find someone who is there for support with no judgment.

Emotional healing takes time and having encouragement from others goes a long way towards healing this pain of betrayal.

Step Two: Get Honest With Yourself – What Do You Feel?

It’s important, to be honest with yourself during this time of pain. It can’t be hidden and putting up a front will only cause you more emotional harm in the long run.

Seek out assistance from others if needed so that you may work through your anger, hurt, guilt, shame, sadness, or any other emotions that are present due to infidelity! Recognizing these feelings is an essential part of healing because it allows for growth instead of staying stagnant without change.

Acknowledge those painful thoughts as well as the ones which bring relief. It’s ok to feel a range of emotions and it is crucial that you are able to identify them, then process how they make you feel on an emotional level. The more honest with yourself about what you’re feeling, the easier surviving infidelity will be because this honesty allows for constructive conversation when working towards recovery!

Step 3: Focus On Self Care

In order to heal from infidelity, there must be some form of self-care present in your life such as prayer, meditation, time alone reading books without distractions, cooking new foods (one day at a time!), taking up running/jogging, etc.

This healing is not a quick fix, it will take time and patience to rebuild your life. Step by step you can make your life more satisfying and healing.

Tips for self-care:

  • Identify what form of self-care you need in order to heal from infidelity
  • Identify things/habits or activities that distract you from self-care and adjust accordingly

Step 4: Allow yourself the time to grieve

Infidelity might cause you to loathe yourself, your partner, or both.

It helps to grieve and allow the negative feelings out in order to move on with healing from infidelity. Allow yourself space for grieving by not over-committing time/energy outside of self-care. Activities such as reading a book related to grief recovery can help ease you through this process!

Step 5: Be Patient With Yourself Healing Takes Time

It can be tempting to want to heal now. To have someone tell you exactly what to do so that the pain will go away, but there is no magic pill for healing from infidelity and it takes time.

– You may feel angry at your partner and yourself for hurting each other this way

– You’ll need patience with healing because healing doesn’t happen overnight or in a week; sometimes months are required before enough progress has been made

Don’t think about how long it’s going to take as an obstacle that needs leapfrogging over when healing from infidelity. Instead, embrace the process of healing by being patient with yourself even if you’re not feeling any better yet – show compassion towards yourself knowing that someday soon things will get better.

Step 6: Learn To Forgive Yourself and Your Partner

Healing is a process that involves forgiveness so you’ll need to forgive yourself and your partner in order for healing to happen. Forgive yourselves for hurting each other, let go of all the anger that’s been pent up inside because it will only continue to eat at both of you if you hold on tightly. Remembering how hurtful this was – not just physically but emotionally as well – will help keep things in perspective even when there are setbacks along the way.

– You can’t change what happened or undo what has already occurred; however, forgiveness starts with being honest about everything that transpired between you

– In order to start the healing process, one must begin by admitting their mistakes in a relationship. Your partner’s strengths can also be acknowledged for any contributions they have made.

Step 7: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others -Everyone heals at their own pace

The next thing you should watch out for is comparison. Comparison will only make you feel worse about the healing process. Comparing yourself to others in terms of healing will only lead to feelings of guilt or inadequacy. It’s natural for some people to heal more quickly than others, and there are many different ways that someone can go through healing from infidelity.

You may not be healing as quickly because you are trying to heal for two people, or perhaps it has been a long time since the infidelity happened. Whatever the reason, don’t compare yourself to others in terms of healing from infidelity, and do your best just by taking each day at a time.

Though there are steps that seem to work for the majority of people, healing from infidelity is a personal process that may look different for everyone.

Step 8: Focus on what you can do instead of what’s been taken away from you

As difficult as healing from infidelity may seem, there are many ways to make the process easier on yourself and more effective. Focus on what you can do instead of what has been taken away from you; work to accept that things have changed and move forward with your new life rather than dwelling in the past. Doing these things will help guide you through healing as quickly as possible so that you can get back into living your life again!

Seek professional counseling if necessary or take other steps like joining a group dedicated to overcoming pain due to infidelity for extra support during this time in order to heal properly and completely. You deserve it!


If you have an account of dealing with infidelity, we would be happy to publish your story and share it with those who are going through a similar experience. Feel free to contact us.

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