Can A Marriage Survive Without Intimacy?

Can A Marriage Survive Without Intimacy?

Can a marriage survive without intimacy?

The answer to the question depends on what level of intimacy you are referring to.

There are five levels of intimacy emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and sexual. Intimacy can be broadly defined as the ability to communicate your deepest desires, needs, and fears with someone else without any inhibition. It is in such an unguarded moment of complete communication that true intimacy can occur.

Can a marriage survive without sex? Yes, a marriage can survive without sex, but it will not last for long. Sexual Intimacy is one of the most important parts of marriage. The lack of it can lead to an impending sense of disconnect that might even lead to infidelity or end up in divorce.

To most men sexual intimacy makes them feel more connected to their wives. If this intimacy is not present they feel withdrawn from themselves, looking into other ways to release themselves like masturbation or seeking comfort elsewhere (or both).

Sexless marriages are nothing new, but they do carry with them many stigmas which make it hard for couples who find themselves there to talk openly about their situation with friends or family members.

This lack of openness often leaves spouses feeling isolated in their relationship struggles – even more so if the marriage is ending. But also it can have some serious consequences in your marriage.

The consequences of not having intimacy in a marriage

Marriage is not a fairytale, it takes time and effort to make the relationship work. If intimacy is lacking in the marriage then both spouses are missing out on some vital aspects of their lives from being fulfilled. This is because intimacy provides a bond between two people that cannot be found anywhere else. These are some effects of lack of intimacy in marriage.

Fear of commitment will increase .

Intimacy is a key component in any healthy marriage. Without it, fear will increase which can lead to commitment issues. A marriage with commitment issues will not survive long term.

Truest Issues

Without intimacy, trust issues are likely to be present in a marriage. Conflicts are more common without trust. Trust is what allows couples to resolve conflicts effectively. If it disappears in a marriage then arguments and disagreements will arise.

Communication will decrease

With intimacy, you are able to be more open with your spouse and let them in on yourself so they can know what makes you tick inside and out. Without intimacy issues arise from being ‘shut down’ this results in an inability to communicate effectively which leads to anger or misunderstanding.

Stress levels will increase

Intimacy provides comfort, security & stress relief for both parties involved in a marriage because there is no longer an unknown between them thanks to sharing intimate details as well as feelings & thoughts about topics that would normally not be discussed.

Without intimacy, stress levels are likely to increase. Marital intimacy provides a sense of peace between which is very relaxing & peaceful for both partners. Without intimacy, couples will have no peaceful outlet or relief from the normal pressures of life and this can lead them to feel overwhelmed by their problems and stresses.

Sexual dissatisfaction will occur

A couple that does not experience intimacy together on a regular basis may begin to experience dissatisfaction with their sex life. The more intimate they become in other areas of life the greater the satisfaction will be with their sex life as well due to feeling better about themselves as individuals during sex if they feel good about what’s going on elsewhere in their lives too then it has been proven through research that they will … much easier

The spark in the marriage will die out .

When couples first fall in love, there is always an excitement for being together and anticipating special times together. These feelings create the initial attraction and relationship, but lack of intimacy will eventually interfere with being excited to be in one another’s presence. The lack of intimacy will cause competition for affection instead of a desire to give it and receive it.

You will gradually start feeling lonely even when you are with each other.

Lack of intimacy creates a lack of interest to share your thoughts and feelings with each other. If there is a lack of intimacy, you may stop disclosing information about yourself in order to protect yourself from disappointment or hurt feelings.

If the lack of intimacy continues, then both partners will tend to become emotionally estranged from one another which leads to a lack of communication and more distance growing between the two. Eventually, they spend less time together because they lack a desire for it; this lack makes them less likely to stay physically close too.

When there is no emotional closeness or physical touching, your relationship becomes merely platonic companionship and the passion that led you to marriage goes out the window along with any form of excitement about being together.

Do this to regain intimacy in your marriage:

1. Admit the lack of intimacy in your marriage:   When a couple experiences physical and emotional separation, they will tend to make up excuses or blame each other for what has happened instead of admitting that there is a problem with no intimacy in their marriage.  Admitting that you share responsibility for not having intimacy will be a crucial step towards getting it back into your relationship again. If you both admit how much you need it, then an intelligent discussion can take place about how to get it back on track.

2. Don’t deny affection to prove a point: When couples are arguing over touchy issues, one partner may use distance, not as punishment but to prove a point about how important something really is to them; this means you will be in control and show how little their actions affect you.

If the couple gets into this habit, then the lack of closeness will become a part of who they are and how they relate to each other; just like the stereotype that men don’t want to hug or kiss women or while holding hands is offensive to some women, it is equally unfair for a woman not to want a touch from her husband or companion since he’s making it clear that she doesn’t really need him physically.

3. Put physical intimacy first:  Reverting back to your dating days may seem strange if you have been married for years, but it could help rekindle passion as well as create an emotional bond once again between you two.  

Conclussion: Can A Marriage Survive Without Intimacy?

Even though a marriage can survive for a time without intimacy, we strongly recommend couples find ways to rekindle the intimacy in their marriage. We highly encourage couples to find quality time to connect, read marriage books together, and create a safe environment for both parties to express themselves.

As you continue to pray and work on your marriage we pray that you will find new ways to connect.