How to Answer The call of God to ministry

How to Answer The call of God to ministry

It is a common misconception that God only calls ministers and priests to the ministry. In truth, everyone has been called by God to do some form of ministry in their lives. For example, we all have the responsibility of being good stewards of His creation. We also have a duty as Christians to share […]

bible study verse

Bible Study Verses [Ultimate Guide For Bible Study]

Are you a Christian who wants to learn more about the Bible Study Verse? If so, We’ll give you an overview of some of the most important verses in the Bible and how they can be used during bible study sessions. You’ll also find links to articles that go into even more detail on each […]

Why He Waited Two Days Before Going To Lazarus

why did Jesus wait two days before going to Lazarus (Explained)

The Bible is filled with stories of Jesus doing things that seem strange. One such story is why he waited two days before going to Lazarus. If you’re wondering why the Son of God would wait, then this article will give you some insights into why waiting might have been a good idea for him […]

healing scripture in the bible

10 healing scripture in the bible

Here are 10 bible verses about healing that you can use to claim your healing right now. You can also use this scripture for healing to send to a friend or family member who is experiencing sickness, by faith may they receive the promise from this scripture. We highly recommend these Four Bibles. Thinline Bible- […]

people having fellowship koinonia

Fellowship [ Koinonia]: What Is it and Why is It Important

Koinonia is the new testament word for fellowship. Its fellowship with God vertically and with other fellow believers horizontally. It appears 17 times in the New Testament, it is a Greek word that refers to ‘community’. In a hurry, check out these recommended books! Five Keys to Building a Thriving Small Group Culture by Andy […]

All Things Happens For A reason

Bible Verses About Everything Happens For A Reason

Have you ever wondered if things really happen for a reason? Today I found myself wondering the same, then I started looking at this Bible verses about everything happens for a reason and I feel so comforted. When you read the Bible you realise that everything indeed happens for a reason. God is so intentional […]

prayer for marriage

21 Powerful Prayer For Marriage -Experience Supernatural

Prayer for marriage: Marriage is a lifelong commitment that not everyone takes to heart.  However, there are many benefits and blessings that come with marriage.   Married couples have better physical health, live longer, and enjoy more financial stability than single people or those who cohabit without marrying. This list of 20 powerful prayers for […]


The Best 50 Bible Verses For Anxiety To Calm Your Spirit

Anxiety, and worry ravage our minds every day; though these things consume us it is possible to find peace for our hearts even In the midst of chaos. The Bible offers great scriptures about anxiety, I hope these Bible verses for anxiety and worry will help you overcome your anxious thoughts. Anxiety is the feeling […]

what does the bible say about prayer

What does the bible say about prayer [Prayer Checklist]

The Bible has a lot to say about prayer, in this post I want to share with you everything about prayer, from why we should pray, what we should pray for, and above all how to pray effectively. We highly recommend these Four Bibles. Thinline Bible- Premium Goatskin Leather (Expensive) Every Man’s Bible NIV ( […]

God's promise

God’s Promises [8000 Promises In The Bible Revealed]

This article will explore how the 8,000 God’s promises in the Bible are there for us as a source of hope and faith. One of the most important things to remember is that God always keeps his promises. This can be both a comfort and help when facing challenges in life. Especially if you’re a […]

How to respond when circumstances are confusing

John 11 Sermon – How to respond when circumstances are confusing

How to respond when circumstances are confusing As we move from here to there, you might find yourself in a confusing situation, where you have no idea why God would allow certain things to happen to you, to your family, business, or to your dreams. Let us look at a story in the bible of […]

Title, Name and description

The names, Titles, and Descriptions of God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit in the Bible [Complete List]

The names, titles, and descriptions of God in the Bible are a representation of who He is in all seasons. Any time God manifests Himself to someone He reveals either His name, His nature or His Plan. Depending on your current situation God might choose to reveal Himself to you in a way that shows […]