turn offs for relationship

The 20 Biggest Turn Offs For Women and Men [Revealed]

Both men and women have serious “turn-offs”. These are things that contribute to them losing s6xual desire or interest. Some of these turn-offs are obvious while others are not. Men generally are sensitive to their egos while women are more sensitive to things affecting their feelings and most turn-offs are connected to this. Have you […]

Do Guys Like Getting Gifts From Girlfriends

10 Affordable gifts your guy is dying to receive

Are you dating and planning to buy your boyfriend a gift, maybe you’re here because you are wondering if guys really like getting gifts from girlfriends? Or maybe you’re here because you need some gift ideas that guys appreciate. Whichever the case, don’t worry in this article am going to be your guide and share […]

bible verse about goals, plans and dreams

36 God centered Bible Verses About Goals and Dreams [Best for Planning]

The beauty of new seasons is the opportunity to set new goals. If you are like me, new seasons come with new dreams. I usually want to use scripture to set my goals and evaluate my dreams. In this post, I will share Bible verses about goals and dreams that I personally use. I will […]

bible verse about dating and relationships

The 19 Best Bible Verses About Relationships And Dating

If you are wondering what the bible says about dating and relationships before marriage, then you have come to the right place. Either you are dating, courting, or preparing for marriage then these bible verses are for you. If your dating your boyfriend and are having trouble we have a section where we share the […]

How To Know If You Should Marry Someone

3 Golden StepsTo Know If You Should Marry Someone

Did you know that similar personalities has almost no effect of how satisfied people are in their relationship? This is according to a study conducted by Michigan State University on couples married 20 years and above. Bill Chopik, a professor of psychology at Close Relationships Lab says the key to a happy relationship is simply […]

Premarital Counseling questions for pastors

Best 78 Premarital Counseling Questions For Pastors

In this post, you will learn the best 78 premarital counseling questions for pastors that most pastors use in a premarital counseling session. Recently, my wife and I had the opportunity to lead a Christian pre-marriage counseling session. As pastors, we knew it was important for us to have questions prepared in advance. As a […]

Premarital Counseling Questions and Topics

80 Best Premarital Counseling Questions and Topics To Discuss

Hi, are you looking for the best premarital counseling questions and topics to improve your relationship, You have come to the right place. I know you might be busy with wedding planning, dealing with the wedding stress, collecting wedding ideas but pause for a minute and listen to this. Have you thought about the premarital […]

first year of marriage

Our first year of marriage-10 Things We learned

Our first year of marriage was one amazing journey, it had its own share of challenges but we really had fun. The challenges that we faced in this one year were very instrumental in shaping our view about marriage and our passion for each other. We hope these 10 lessons that we learned in our […]

am i loved


Am I loved? In search of true Intimacy.  Into me see, into my deepest most vulnerable parts. Intimacy. How well do you see into me? How well do you know me? Dating can be terrifying at times, even with all the boundaries things can be tricky, in terms of sharing vulnerable, intimate things with your […]

Accountability In Christian Relationships Importance

Truth About Accountability In Christian Relationships

Accountability in Christian relationships is a conversation that is becoming more and more popular in Christian circles. However, even with the growth and popularity of the concept of accountability, there are many couples that are still unable to live a life that is pleasing to God and honoring each other. It seems to us today […]