8 Stages of Dating-The normal progression of dating

8 Stages of Dating-The normal progression of dating

The normal progression of dating is different for all people. But there are 8 stages that nearly everyone goes through. It’s important to know these stages so you can get ahead of them. The 8 stages of dating can be viewed as a “relationship timeline.” In fact, most people will go through all of these […]

purpose of dating

3 Purpose of dating and Why They Matter Today

Dating is a social activity that has evolved over the years. Originally, people dated to find a spouse and that was the purpose of dating. However, nowadays people date for various reasons including companionship, fun, and love. Dating is usually seen as a way to find a partner and start a relationship, but for some […]

Christian advice about dating

20 Valuable Christian advice about dating that’s worth your time

Dating can be a tricky situation for Christians. There are a lot of guidelines and advice, but it’s difficult to know what is worth following and what isn’t. Most Christian dating advice is either too religious or not religious enough.  So we asked a bunch of Christians in our community what are the best advice […]

10 Signs God is Preparing You for a Relationship

10 Trusted Signs God is Preparing You for a Relationship

There are many signs that God is preparing you for a relationship. Signs of readiness may come in different ways, but there are some common patterns or themes that often emerge when someone is on the path to finding love. These signs can be hard to see at first, but once they become apparent it’s […]

Love You To The Moon And Back

‘Love You To The Moon And Back’ : What Does It Mean?

Love is one of the most powerful sentiments in the world. It can make us feel more alive than anything else, but love also has a meaning that is often hard to understand. What does love you to the moon and back mean? The answer varies depending on who you ask, so we will explore […]

relationship red flags

21 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore In 2022

Hello and welcome to Honey Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to go through everything you need to know about relationship red flags, including what they are, examples of red flags in a relationship, and why they are so dangerous and never to be ignored. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about relationships over the years, […]