When All Seems Lost

When All Seems Lost- Here’s an Encouragement To Give You Hope

When All Seems Lost- Here’s an Encouragement To Give You Hope. We all have moments in our lives where we feel like things are moving from bad to worse. Probably, you’re in a situation currently that seems to be going downhill, or even worse your situation has escalated so bad that it seems impossible to […]

hearing Gods voice in your heart

Ways You’ll Know When God Is Speaking to Your Heart

Do you ever wonder if God is speaking to your heart? You’re not alone. Many people wonder if they are hearing from God or just imagining it. But when you know what to look for, it becomes easier and easier to recognize or decipher the voice of God in your life. In this post, we […]

prayer for a friend

10 Powerful prayers for A Sick Friend- That Brings Strength

Your friend is in hospital you don’t know what to do. You want to pray but you don’t know what to say. We got you! In this post I will share 10 powerful prayers for healing that you can pray over your sick friend. Claim this promises and pray by faith over your sick friend […]

Woman praying for peace

Powerful Short Prayer for Peace With Bible Verses

Are you drained and weary, perhaps feeling like you’re losing it? Life may be hectic at times and feel like there’s no way out when you’re caught up in it. To be honest, finding inner peace should be one of the most important things in life. However, we live in a world where it’s hard […]

prayer for strength

Prayer For Strength With Scriptures: God Give Me Strength

I have a lot going on in my life. I need strength to get through it all. With prayers and Bible scriptures, I find the strength to get through another day. Life is hard and there are so many things that can distract us from our daily walk with God. We all know how important prayer […]


Is Meditation a Sin? What does the Bible say about meditation?

Meditation is gaining increasing popularity as a form of stress relief, relaxation, and as a form of spiritual discipline. Some people claim that it can be an effective way to reduce anger, anxiety, and depression, helping you connect with your inner self. But is meditation a sin? To help us answer this question we must […]

woman having morning prayer

14 Powerful Morning Prayers That Will Change Your Life

Did you know that most successful people have a set of morning routines in place? Martin Luther Quote: “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first 3 hours in prayer.” This simple statement sums it all. If we really think about it, we would concur that most blessings are received when we […]

healing scripture in the bible

10 healing scripture in the bible

Here are 10 bible verses about healing that you can use to claim your healing right now. You can also use this scripture for healing to send to a friend or family member who is experiencing sickness, by faith may they receive the promise from this scripture. We highly recommend these Four Bibles. Thinline Bible- […]

prayer for marriage

21 Powerful Prayer For Marriage -Experience Supernatural

Prayer for marriage: Marriage is a lifelong commitment that not everyone takes to heart.  However, there are many benefits and blessings that come with marriage.   Married couples have better physical health, live longer, and enjoy more financial stability than single people or those who cohabit without marrying. This list of 20 powerful prayers for […]

purpose of prayer bible verses

Guide to Effective Prayer That God answers

This guide will help you understand the purpose of prayer, its effectiveness, and why you should pray more often. We shall also discover why people stop praying and tips for effective prayer life. Last week we talked about the three foundational principles of effective prayer, that is, “prayer that works“. Today I want to talk […]