Questions To Ask a Pre-Marital Counselor

30 Questions To Ask a Premarital Counselor [ For Better Experience]

When you ask a premarital counselor the right questions, you will set yourself up for a better experience. If you want to know how to choose a premarital counselor check out this post we did recently here. Today we focus on the questions you ask the counselor. What should I ask a premarital counselor? These […]

Does Premarital Counseling Reduce Divorce Rates?

Does Premarital Counseling Reduce Divorce Rates?

Does Premarital Counseling Reduce Divorce Rates? Let’s find out. Yes, studies show that premarital counseling can reduce the divorce rate by more than 31% percent. Even though Pre-marital counseling does not guarantee a successful marriage, couples who received premarital counseling are less likely to divorce. This is why, Marriage is a sacred institution and most […]

What Does Premarital Counseling Do

4 Things Premarital Counseling Provides- Is It Worth It?

Marriage is a commitment, and many couples want to spend their life with each other. Premarital Counseling is a great way to not only have an unbiased outsider look at your relationship, but also get advice on how to improve it. What does premarital counseling do? Is it worth your time, Let’s talk about it? […]

How well you know your spouse questions?

51 How Well You Know Your Spouse Questions?

There are many of us who know the person sitting next to us, but we don’t actually know how well we really know them. We all have a few secrets from each other and in order to know how much you really know your spouse, you have to ask these questions that will help you […]

premarital counseling games

50 Premarital Counseling Games That Are Actually Fun

No one wants to be in a boring premarital counseling program. These premarital activities and a list of premarital counseling games are designed to break the ice and allow for an effective premarital counseling session. Let’s face it, premarital counseling isn’t as much fun as the wedding itself. But any couple who wants to get […]

Do Pastors Charge For Premarital Counseling?

Do Pastors Charge For Premarital Counseling?

Are you looking for a pastor to conduct your premarital counseling? You might get a surprise with the pastor’s bill. Many believe that pastors do not charge for premarital counseling. In many churches, local pastors offer free marriage counseling services. However, in some cases, they do charge. The most common reasons why they would request […]

How do you conduct premarital counseling?

Do This To Effectively Conduct Premarital Counseling Session

Lots of articles talk about premarital counseling, and we’ve been doing our fair share of sharing them in the blog. Today, we’re going to focus on what a counselor should do to effectively conduct a premarital counseling session. Great premarital counseling means carefully assessing the couple’s emotional and financial compatibility before embarking on marriage. Counselors […]

premarital counseling for second marriage

61 Premarital Counseling Question For Couples In Their Second Marriage

Every second marriage is unique, and premarital counseling for second marriages should be tailored to the needs of each couple. However, there are some questions that couples in second marriages can discuss during premarital counseling to help them avoid common pitfalls. This blog post outlines 61 different questions that may be helpful for second-marriage couples […]

premarital counseling finance questions

50 Premarital Counseling Finance Questions [Complete List]

What are the premarital counseling finance questions discussed in pre-marital class? According to research, money is one of the biggest reasons why couples separate and divorce. It seems that premarital counseling in financial matters is not something most people want to do, but making sure these discussions are on the table can be an excellent […]

When Should You Start Premarital Counseling

When Is The Best Time To Start Premarital Counseling

The first thing many couples think of when they hear premarital counseling is “getting married”. And while the primary intention here is not wrong, it does miss an important aspect when moving forward with marriage. Premarital counseling should be seen as a tool to help you prepare well for marriage, not a quick fix for […]

15 Best Christians Premarital Counseling Books

15 Top Biblical Counseling Books of 2022 (Christians Premarital)

In our previous post on the benefits of premarital counseling, we mentioned some excellent books that many couples read together to improve their marriages. Today, we’re going to look at 15 of the top Biblical Premarital Counseling Books that offer much-needed truth for couples considering marriage. Top 15 Premarital Counseling Books For Christian Couples The […]

how Long Should Premarital Counseling

How Long Should Premarital Counseling Last? CompleteTimelines

In a recent blog post, we discussed what premarital counseling is and how it can help couples prepare for marriage. In this post, we’ll be discussing the timelines of premarital counseling and what causes the duration to vary. While there are no set rules about how long premarital counseling should last – meaning you may […]