Do Guys Like Getting Gifts From Girlfriends

10 Affordable gifts your guy is dying to receive

Are you dating and planning to buy your boyfriend a gift, Maybe you’re here because you’re wondering if guys really like getting gifts from girlfriends. Or maybe you’re here because you need some gift ideas that guys will appreciate.

Whichever the case, don’t worry in this article am going to be your guide and share with you everything you need to know about guys and gifts. I will also include the top 10 birthday or special occasion gifts guys appreciate from their girlfriends.

In a hurry, here’s the top tengifts

Gift your boyfriend is dying to get

Getting Gifts From Girlfriends is something that men love, however you need the right gift. Below is a list of our top ten recommended gifts for guys. Pick whichever makes sense and go surprise your partner.

  1. Headphones for a chilled day, or crazy traffic. Who wouldn’t enjoy calmness through craze? Good music does it.
  2. Monopoly board A chilled out weekend won’t have to be outdoor
  3. A tech-friendly backpack It has different compartments for Phone, tablet and laptop. 
  4. An MVMT minimalist watch It’s weather-proof up to 50m. Not made for intense outdoor activity.
  5. A foam roller For physical trainers and physical therapists. 
  6. Beard grooming set This will keep all the simba manes neat 
  7. Wi-Fi portable projector Is he a movie lover? He gets to make a theatre anywhere! 
  8. Xbox game passes Downloading all his Xbox games instead of separate purchase, for 6 months. 
  9. A quiet robot vacuum cleaner That weekend cleaning just got easier! 
  10. Multi Tool kit For his quick fix with the furniture, DIY, and electronics Bonus idea 
  11. A ticket for an outdoor event. Find him a ticket for an event happening in the neighboring city. It could be a game, a music event, a social hangout, a conference or even an eat out.

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Do Guys Like Getting Gifts From Girlfriends

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I am glad you are here to learn so that you can surprise your boyfriend better. Note: The gifts don’t have to be expensive, you just need to first understand your boyfriend’s interests or desires. Paying attention to what they keep talking about might be a good place to start.

“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.” ―

Jonathan Lockwood Huie.

What do guys think when you give them a gift?

Do you remember the last time someone bought you a gift? I bet you felt special? Right! Men and women alike feel special when someone extends warmth by gifting them.

Men however seem to be a hard nut to crack when it comes to understanding what kind of gift would mean much to them. This is especially because their emotional reactions are not something easy to read.

Every action communicates a feeling. The act of gifting communicates more than the gift itself. It is so obvious that gifts are not bought every day for everyone and anyone.

When a guy receives a gift from a lady, they might have so much running through their minds as to what emotion is being passed across. However, Gifts from girlfriends are special to men because it communicates care, it also communicates that you are paying attention to their needs and interest.

Point to note: Ladies don’t buy your boyfriend a gift cos you like it, buy them a gift that they will like. It’s not about you, you might not like the gift but if they do it will mean a lot to them. Gifts from girlfriends means alot to men, so take your time,

Do guys like surprises from their girlfriends?

There is a myriad of thoughts that run behind that smile and acting collected that comes with a surprise gift. Is it our anniversary yet? Are we breaking up? Is this a debt? Is it a trap? But negativity isn’t all there is to it.

They also feel calmed with love from a lover with all life’s pressures. Why does she love me so much? How lucky I am! This is quite thoughtful and kind of her.

Do Guys Like Getting Gifts From Girlfriends

So how much do they appreciate these moments? Men enjoy surprises, even if they don’t appear surprised or teary-eyed. It doesn’t hurt to make the day-to-day heroes feel like shy babies. A surprise is an excellent way to drain their energy. Yes, it’s like therapy.

What gifts do guys like coming from their girlfriends? 

Guys appreciate meaningful gifts. These are the kind of gifts that do not have to be expensive but they communicate that you have been listening to him and paying much attention to his desires and needs, so you want to make him happy by satisfying him with one of those things.

It could be a movie or a book that he has searched for a long time, a coat he’s coveted, a device that would make his work easier, or an event ticket that he has always wanted to attend.

This, therefore, makes it much easier to figure out by listening attentively to his softly-spoken desires and acting on them. They will definitely love that gift and treasure it lifelong, as an item or a memory.

Do guys like handmade gifts? 

A handmade gift communicates different things for different people, depending on their likes. Ladies seem to enjoy giving gifts that cost them some energy, thought, and time. It feels more personal and affectionate. Guys on the other hand seem not to enjoy such gifts so much. 

There is a need however to really understand your boyfriend and make him something hand-made if in any case, he is a lover of such.

Do guys love flowers? 

Imagine this; A man seated alone in a coffee shop just chilling with his cup of cappuccino. Then a decent lady approaches with a bunch of flowers and hands them over to the guy after a warm affectionate greeting hug.

What will go through your mind? Also, picture a guy who stays in an apartment with basic furniture like a couch. If you were his girlfriend, won’t you enjoy giving the room(s) a touch of additional decor and put flowers here and there, minimally? 

Flowers in the compound or inside the house for the sake of decor are no issue to guys. However, handing them a bunch of red roses would make them feel weird as if their masculinity could get compromised. What occasions do guys accept gifts from their girlfriends? Ladies get offended when their lovers forget special occasions. 

Guys may not get angry but they would love it better and feel special if you equally remembered the birthdays, anniversaries and appreciate their milestones like graduations and promotions. When a guy travels for many days, a welcoming gift would be so candid for them.

However, gifts that are given on ‘un-special’ days, so to call them would mean much. This is because those that are given on special events could seem as an unspoken demand or an obligation. 

When a man is going through dull and low moments, a gift brightens their day and reminds them that they have a lover who cares about how they feel and who is present as a support system. 

What gifts communicate I love you? 

Any gift that communicates kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience would mean that you love your man. The gift should show the man that you have been thoughtful and that you consider him a priority.

Do Guys Like Getting Gifts From Girlfriends

It should also make it so clear that you have been so intentional and that you have put in enough time. The gesture could be small but it should matter and give a heavy message. Gifts that communicate “I love you” are those that make it obvious that you have studied his likes and needs.

Points to note when gifting your boyfriend.

  1. Gifts do not have to be cost-intensive to mean much. Spending more doesn’t make you or the gift more valuable. “The most important thing is not the gift but the emotional love communicated by the gift.” Gary Chapman
  2.  The weight of the gift and the age of the relationship should match. “Spoiling your partner with gifts too soon in the relationship can give off different signals.” – Gary Chapman It would be very odd for a girl to get a man a new car 3 months into the relationship 
  3. The intention of the gift should remain genuine “A balloon can be more precious to me than a purse. It depends on the context. The more “surprising” and meaningful, the more it will be remembered.” -Annette Kim 
  4. Buy gifts for his taste, not yours
  5. Buying more items reduces the value of each. Buy less items to increase their value. 
  6. Be sure to make the gift memorable and easy to attach to his sentiments. 
  7. Do not only give gifts during events like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and congratulatory. Make gifts random and when they are least expected.
  8. Let the gifts be useful for leisure or work or needs. How to give a gift to a man When you want to give a boyfriend, ensure there is no relationship tension between both of you, maybe from an underlying conflict. Also, ensure that he doesn’t have too much pressure from work or family that would cause him to be unable to give attention to the gift.
  9. Your presence during the handing of the gift is important. This forms the memory of that event in his mind with you in it. Give the gift in a happy mood.

Final thoughts: Getting gifts from girlfriends

First thing first, let’s first address the issue here, Do guys like getting gifts from girlfriends, and what types of gifts exactly do they love?

The majority of guys appreciate gifts from their girlfriends. Guys like gifts that are connected to their interests. If a guy loves soccer buying him a soccer jersey will mean a lot to them. While those who love video games getting them a new PS5, Xbox or a game will go a long way. Men are a bit different from ladies, ladies connect gifts with emotions men connect gift with interest.

As a finalize on this article, I know that a girl gifting her boyfriend is not easy. I hope you have found it helpful for your question. My prayer is that you will get the best gift for your boyfriend and have a happily ever after.

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