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What are Healthy Boundaries in Relationships?

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in a relationship for so long that it feels like my partner and I have become one. We do everything together- from watching TV to doing the dishes. But there’s one thing we never do together: set boundaries between each other. In fact, we tend to step on each other’s toes all day long without even realizing it! It doesn’t matter how much love and respect is between us because too many boundaries are needed for healthy relationships. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore what healthy boundaries look like and why they’re important in every relationship (including yours). Let’s get started!

What are healthy boundaries?

Healthy boundaries are the invisible lines that keep everyone healthy, happy, and safe. They help us know when to stop giving, taking, or tolerating certain behavior in order to preserve our own sanity- all without hurting anyone else’s feelings! The best part is: healthy boundaries don’t just benefit you; they also protect your loved ones from emotional hurt as well.

Why do healthy boundaries matter?

There are many reasons healthy boundaries matter, but we’ll cover the three most important ones

  • Boundaries help you respect your needs and feelings as an individual
  • They help keep everyone happy by providing a sense of security for all parties involved
  • Healthy boundaries protect those close to us from harm or guilt trips that stem from our own insecurity

Now that we know what healthy boundaries are and why they’re so important, let’s talk about how you can set them with others!

Are Boundaries in relationships restrictions?

As I think of these guardrails, I think about our lives and how sometimes we have what we call ‘restrictions’ or barriers that we feel prevent us from being ourselves. Some of these barriers sometimes stop us from getting ourselves in danger of jeopardizing the ones we love.

For me when I travel and watch the guardrails, I see the importance of them on the road: They stop cars from tripping over a valley or falling off the road and getting into an accident. I see these guardrails as spaces for the cars to be alert in a case where the driver dozes off while driving.

I see these guardrails as spaces to lay on when you need to stop and just take a break from driving for long hours. I see these guardrails as a border between one road and another so that people are aware that if they cross the line or go over these guardrails it would be the end of their lives.

How do you set boundaries?

Setting healthy boundaries is a two-step process that you can practice in every relationship, including the one with yourself.

  1. Identify your goals and what healthy boundaries look like to you
  2. Communicate those healthy boundaries to others openly and honestly without expecting anything in return

That’s it! Setting healthy relationships doesn’t have to be hard work when we put all of these steps into action.

Examples of healthy boundaries in a relationship?

Now that you know the basics of healthy boundaries, let’s explore some examples. Here are five healthy boundaries to set with your significant other:

  1. Sexual Purity -No Sex Before marriage
  2. Physical Intimacy – Hugging, cuddling, or kissing-How far is too far?
  3. Set a fixed bedtime
  4. Say no to activities that are not your priority
  5. Create a list of priorities and stick to it
  6. Limit the time you spend on social media or watching TV
  7. Make sure your phone is turned off in certain situations so you can focus on what’s happening in front of you.
  8. Don’t give into guilt trips from family members or friends – be firm about your boundaries!

These healthy relationships tips will help build stronger bonds between everyone involved while also protecting those close to us from harm. So next time you’re feeling stuck in a relationship, remember healthy boundaries and set some!

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