How to attract men strategy

Strategies that attract men can be divided into three: Physical attraction, Emotional attraction, and Mental attraction.  This is the way to make a man like you and feel your presence. If you’re looking for a way on how to attract men then you are in the right place.

In this post, I will share 22 easy proven methods on how to attract them and not just any man but high-quality ones.

I will give you working strategies that will equip you with skills on how to attract high-quality guys physically, mentally, and emotionally even those that ignore you. After reading this post you will have a high chance of attracting the right person for marriage.

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Let’s dive in.

As we talk about strategies of attracting men, I have divided it into three:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally

The first five strategies will help you attract guys physically. This strategy is important because men are visual and their brains respond differently. What they see, make, or contributes to 75% of their decision-making process.

As you approach a guy or a man approaches you these five things will play a huge role in getting him to be attracted to you. This will give you mileage way before you even say a word.

1: Use Perfume and Scent

Scents are attractive to men, but not just any scent, the right scent.  Most 21st century guys want something that is beautiful and smells nice. This can be a car, a house, an office, or the women that they get attracted to.

The truth is perfume attracts men and knowing the best scent might be the game-changer for women who want to know how to attract men. Some scents and oils are scientifically proven to improve mood and sexual desire. Aphrodisiac scents especially strawberry, lavender, vanilla have proven to arouse and improve the sexual desire in men.

Basically good scents will boost your chances of getting any man.  According to research finding the best scent that blends with you will improve your mood and produce a feel-good attitude that affects your behavior.

The only way they can tell a woman is clean is by the way she wears and her scent.

Another study shows that these sexy perfume scents contain a chemical that has an effect not only on men but crazily arouse women. This scent improves a woman’s moods and desires. By making a woman feel sensual, it affects the way she behaves and thus indirectly increases her attractiveness.

If you have no idea which perfume to buy don’t worry we got you covered. Below are our top 4 picks from Amazon that you can buy right now.

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  2. Daisy Love
  3. Diorissimo By Christian Dior
  4. Women Pheromone Perfume Oil

2-Wear High heels Somehow Men Like it

There is something about high heels that makes a woman look classy, curvy, and attractive to me. According to research “High heels as supernormal stimuli:” Paul H.Morris and His colleague Conclude that high heels exaggerate sex-specific aspects of female gait and women walking across the room in high heels could be regarded as a supernormal stimulus.

Wearing high heels increases the rotation and tilt of the hip, which makes a woman look so attractive to guys especially while walking. Research also shows that wearing high heels increases women’s confidence which makes them sexier.

how to attract men fast

Most guys find these three colors more attractive, the majority of them are attracted to red, blue, or white high heels. The red color of passion is the go-to color for men. A ninja hack is that you don’t wear brown or orange on your first date as this is a turn off for a majority of men.

If you’re going for an interview and you want the boss to like you then rock some black high heels. Black is known for being a color of confidence and elegance.

The truth is to find something that is comfortable and makes you feel good. The goal is to make a man want you not to kill yourself in the process.

With a good classy heel comes the next strategy.

3-Wear Body Hugging Classy Dress

First, let me put a disclaimer: Don’t just wear any clothing, find one that complements your body. Because what you wear is a huge statement. It communicates either I am here or hahaha what is that.

This goes without saying that a classy body-hugging dress is number one on the top of 98 % of men’s minds.  It can be nice body-hugging jeans, a dress, or gym clothes if your target is at the gym.

Generally, guys are attracted to clothes that create an hourglass figure on you. What that means is that most of them find women with a low waist to hip ratio [WHR] more attractive which is according to this study.

Video showing how to attract men

Anyway, the general rule is to wear something that makes you feel confident and puts you in a good mood.

Most people judge attractiveness more on clothing and how someone looks in certain clothing than even their appearance.

4: Be Self-Assured

The truth about your body language is that it communicates something. The trick is you better be sure you’re communicating the right message. Men are attracted to the way a woman carries herself.

If you are talking to a man who maintains eye contact then blush a little bit to show that you are interested. The way to get a man is not to maintain eye contact but to know how to communicate the right signals.

how to get guys like you

For example, when you enter a room full of men, men will respect and be attracted to you if you display confidence. Walk across the room with style, put on a smile, and just be comfortable. Being self-assured is the key to attracting high-quality men.

This will work not only with physical situations but also with the photos you upload online. This includes posture and possession. This is also the secret on how to attract men on social media and dating platforms. Have photos that display confidence, youthfulness, and happiness. Make them want you.

Your body language also says a lot about your confidence and what you think about yourself.  Guys are attracted to women who are self-assured that they are beautiful.

5: Wear Makeup Professionally

A study conducted on the effect of cosmetics and how it alters attractiveness concluded that professionally done makeup had a huge difference in the look of an individual than self-applied one.

Most men don’t want to admit but we love makeup, your physical appearance is something to work on especially in this generation.

I guess this is why models and brides chose professional makeup artists to apply their makeup. This is not to say that you must look for a professional make artist before a date, but it is highly recommended you learn how to professionally apply makeup.

Okay, the past five strategies were to give you proven methods that you can use to attract any man physically. The next five will help you attract a man emotionally.

6: How to Attract Men with money-Don’t Look Desperate

If you’re planning to attract a high-quality man don’t look desperate. If a man has a lot of money then they are not looking for a needy girl, step up, or at least look like someone who has something.

Remember the goal of attracting a man is not just for them to notice you but to want you. Being wanted will give you a good advantage point on how the relationship should go.  At the end of the day, you want to be with someone who wants a long-term commitment.

how to get guys to like you

If you have a lot of money and want to be noticed by a man who is a bit lower in class then don’t show off. Showing off to such a man will only result in them ghosting you.

Men with humble backgrounds always go for easy humble women to avoid the pressure of looking like their being taken care of by a woman. That’s the difference between men and women. Women want to go for the high class while men look for someone on their level.

Take care of yourself so that you won’t look desperate. Want to know how to attract men and keep them then this next strategy is important.

6: How to Attract Men- Strengthen your character

Research shows that kind people are more attractive than those who are arrogant. A woman who shows kindness tends to appear more attractive than her counterparts.  In this day and age physical attractiveness is not enough, you must be able to combine that with character.

People around you should be able to say that you’re a kind person. Your character will lead you to the right guy.

how to get the guy to like you

For a long time people have perceived beautiful as good, but a new study shows that now people are shifting from beautiful is good to good is beautiful. The thing is, your beauty can get you to the inside a door but it’s your character that keeps you inside.

7: Just Laugh At His Jokes

how to get a boy like you

Show interest in what he is doing or saying. Laugh at his jokes, reply to his message, like their Facebook status, etc. Laughing at his jokes will communicate to him that he is funny and you actually like it. A man likes women who laugh at their lame jokes.

Some guys like women who laugh a lot and are loud,  it shows that they are happy.

8: How to Attract Men- Play Hard To Get

The good old fashion way still works, hard to get. The nature of men or rather the male species is that we all are created to hunt. When you make yourself easily available then it’s not romantic to us. We feel powerful and in control when we are chasing or hunting. It’s important for you as a lady to understand that being easy is not attractive to men.

When a man knows you’re playing hard to get, he will up his game to pursue you. Men never go for the easy prey unless they just want to use it and get out.  If you want a guy to like you then feel good about yourself and put a value on who you are.

8: How to Attract Men- Expansive Open Posture

Research shows that expansiveness makes a woman appear dominant. Being in an expansive posture communicates control and power. Men are generally attracted to a woman that knows what she’s doing. Weak women are not attractive as some men would say.

how to get the guy you like

An open posture will give you a 53% chance of being approached or if it’s an online platform it will give you a higher chance of a yes. So the next time you are in a bar or a restaurant doesn’t just seat anyhow but fill the place.

9: How to Attract Men-Give Him Undivided attention

A woman who listens appears to men as a submissive woman. Men desire a submissive woman as it gives them undivided attention.

Listen to their boring story and enjoy or at least show that you are enjoying the conversations. Giving men undivided attention also shows the man that you care for them which is attractive to a man.

how to attract a man

10: How to Attract Men- Share who you are

Most women tend to play it safe when it comes to their stories. The secret to attracting a man’s heart is to be vulnerable and share your deeper pain and scar. A man is designed generally to want to take care of someone. Your story will penetrate his hard heart and create a soft spot for you.

The next five strategies will help you attract a guy mentally.

11:  Be Positive

The biggest turn-offs for me is a complaining woman and the opposite is true. A woman who is positive makes a man enjoy spending time with her. This allows a man to know that you support them and are constantly speaking good of them and of situations.

Positive women tend to appear more youthful and optimistic. They are happier and always willing to be open-minded to what the man would say or give to you as a lady hence making a man be more attractive to them.

It also gives you an upper hand in regards to the man being vulnerable to you as they know that you will be quite positive what information he gives you about himself or what surrounds him.

12: Ask For Help

Men are generally problem solvers, asking them to help you with a task or even direction will kick start a good conversation. This might be the beginning of a beautiful journey for you.

how to attract men

You might even know how to do that thing but giving them a chance to feel like heroes will just start a conversation. And remember to be kind in the process.

13: Compliment Him

Men love compliments that show that you actually believe in them and are willing to go anywhere with them.

Hence telling him how good he looks or how well he is dressed or talks would make you more attractive to the men.

14: Be supportive

To increase a man’s interest in you, show that you support them. Men are super attracted to women who are supportive.

Support his ideas, his plans, and his dream. When you’re talking to him maintain eye contact, it shows that you are actually listening to them.

The concept of support started way back with Adam and Eve, God designed Eve to be a helper. Helping doesn’t mean you are inferior but it’s a way of showing support.

15: Have Boundaries

This last strategy assumes that you already know the guy and are having a relationship with him. It might be your first or second date, having solid boundaries will cause the guy to go crazy but you will be the most attractive person to him.

Having boundaries communicates maturity and, most men are attracted to a mature woman.

16: Long Hair

There is a percentage of men that love long hair. The thing is, try as much as possible to take care of your self especially how your hair looks. Your physical appearance has a huge impact on how a guy will perceive you.

how to attract boys

Having your hair well maintained will make him want you. When you walk around and flip the hair it’s a sign of confidence and shows that you are confident with yourself.

Some men also love short hair, that way it’s important to take time and know the person you are planning to attract.

17: Get to know him

Assuming that you already have a man who likes you and you’re looking to get them to a point where they are completely in love with you.

Taking it too fast will ruin the friendship and the relationship, we recommend you get to know him first. Even if you feel like he likes you don’t be tempted to take things fast.

Some people want to take time before they jump into a serious relationship. Others make their mind not based on what they feel but what they know about someone.

how to be attractive to a man

Spending a good time together will give you an opportunity to find what the guy likes or doesn’t like. Don’t base your assumption on someone else, take time to know the person to make a solid judgment if he likes you or not.

18: Love Life

Because of our different personalities and temperaments, there is a percentage of guys who like women with energy and love life.

Depending on the guy’s personality he will define loving life differently, so it’s advisable to take it slow until you know the guy.

how to be attractive to men

This might mean being outgoing or being positive about life and events. Your energy will show if you really enjoy the activity or not.

19: Positive Energy

It takes one thing for a guy to completely fall for you. I can tell you for free that most guys love a lady with positive energy.

A negative person is not attractive at all. Try to be positive especially around them. Positivity shows interest and gives you an upper hand. 

20: Eye Contact is attractive to men

The Bible says that your eye is the window to your soul. Maintaining eye contact will communicate to the guy that you are actually present.

Personally, I am attracted to eyes, beautiful eyes are a thing for me.

how to seduce a man

These are some of the things that I can’t explain how it works but I know for sure I find myself attracted to eyes.

21: Be Loyal

When you make a guy feel that you are his ride-or-die partner then he will fall deeper in love with you. Loyalty makes a huge difference even though a guy might see different women out there, they will stick with you.

22: Respect Him

This goes without saying the biggest need for guys is respect then sex. Respecting a guy especially in public will give you huge points with him. People need to understand that the need for men is not just your body but he also needs your respect.

Final thoughts On How To Attract Men

Guys are generally attracted to women who are kind, confident, youthful, curved, smells nice and those who maintain eye contact are an added advantage.

Majority of guys if not all of us start with the outside appearance then inner beauty.  A percentage of men want to know someone first before they fall in love or even like them.

how to attract men without talking to them

If you’re looking to attract a quality man then take time to work on yourself. Men find it romantic to connect with a woman who has worked on them.

When it comes to things to wear just go in a red dress and some high heels. Otherwise, friends let me know on the comment which another strategy should be included here and what strategy did you find weird or interesting.

I feel I have given you a lot to work on. Some of these strategies will work on some people while others will not.

This is because people are different and have different needs, personalities and are attracted to people differently.  Just be confident in yourself, feel your heart, and make it count as you seek to find love.

If you want to attract a guy and have a long-term relationship then you must start with a strategy. Men want something specific and you as a lady should be aware of it.

A few years ago it was way easier to attract men than it is today. Does this mean that guys have changed? No!

I wouldn’t say that men have changed, however with technology and the advancement of ideologies the strategy of attracting men has drastically changed.  Men find women attractive when they do these things we are talking about here..

Hope this makes sense and you can leave feedback on the comment if you like.

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