Prayers that Will Change Your Relationship Status ๐Ÿ™
14 views · Oct 21, 2022
Watch this powerful prayer to get married soon, Pastor Shaddy share a powerful, deep prayer for singles. 

Are you feeling lonely and lost? Do you feel like God has forgotten about you? This video is for you! Watch as we pray for singles, that they may find love, companionship, and ultimately God's love. Don't miss out on this powerful prayer!

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If youโ€™re single and desire to get married, this prayer for singles with prayer points. In this prayer I pray for your breakthrough and divine connection, asking God to elevate and accelerate your connection to your soul mate. This prayer has the power to break a curse, and divinely connect you with your soul mate. If youโ€™re single and want to get married soon then pray with me and have faith in God that all things are possible in Godโ€™s power.

Letโ€™s gather together and combine our faith in God that your life as a single person is coming to an end and you beginning a new life of marriage and family. I pray that this will happen for you this year, if you're tired of being single pray with me and believe with me and I know God will give you the right partner this year.

This prayer is for every single person who desires to get married and wants God to intervene and cause a breakthrough. Remember to like this video and comment if you agree with me.

May this year be your year of testimonies in Jesus' name. Receive your breakthrough, receive your partner in Jesus' name. Remember to claim it and believe it in the comments.

May this prayer open your eyes and cause a breakthrough in your single life. I prophecy a godly partner for you this year in Jesus name.
I pray for you as a single man or a single woman, that God will give you the patience to wait upon Him, that you will be patient enough to wait on God to mold you and connect you to a suitable partner that will bring joy, peace and draw you even closer to God. 

As you wait, I pray that you will use your singlehood to Glorify His name. May this season bring joy to you, wipe all your tears and give you the courage to say no to sin even as you wait. 

This prayer for singles who desire marriage is a prophetic word that will change your life. Talk to us on the comment 

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