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In this video, I will share with you 17 premarital counseling topics that every Christian couple should go through. Premarital counseling is one program that 98% of couples swear by, the majority of them have said that this program changed their relationship while a percentage of them say that the pre marital counseling saved their marriage.

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These are the topics for premarital counseling.
1. Personal history and family background
2. Personality type
3. Expectations
4. Finances (money money money)
5. Sex and Intimacy
6. Why Marriage
7. God's design for marriage
8. Dealing with conflict
9. Authentic communication 
10. Making the right decision
11. Inlaws and outlaws
12. Friends and lovers
13. Common values 
14.  Family events and gatherings 
15. Mentor couples 
16. Peer couples
17. Future goals 

Personal history and family background

Each premarital counseling program usually starts by asking the couple for their personal history and family background. The goal of this premarital counseling topic is to have a dialogue about how these things have shaped you as an individual, your beliefs or values that are important to you and what might be some struggles in your past or present relationships.

-What were your parents like?

-What made them strong members of society/church? 

-How did they show love towards each other? 

-What lessons from childhood do you identify with today when it comes to marriage? 

Also, premarital counseling programs will often ask questions on previous girlfriends/boyfriends because any patterns in one's past could possibly show up again in the future.

Personality type

Temperament can be a huge conversation.  This premarital counseling topic helps couples identify their differences and work out how to communicate with one another.

-What are your personality traits? 

-Do you have a temperamental type? (easily irritable, worries about little things) 

How does this affect communication in the marriage relationship? Do you feel like it would be difficult to understand each other's point of view or sense when they're frustrated/angry without many words being said?


The expectations premarital counseling topic is helpful in understanding what the other person expects from marriage. 

-What are your aspirations for your future? What kind of life do you want to live together as a married couple? 

-Will you be overly dependent on each other or will there still be things that both of you need to work on alone/solo outside of the relationship? 

-How does this affect financial stability and time management in marriage, how much should one spouse take charge over certain tasks versus another and when can they choose not to participate at all if it's something they don't enjoy doing?

Finances (money money money)

Money is a big premarital counseling topic. 

-What does financial stability mean to you? What are your long term goals for the future and what do you need financially in order to achieve those goals? 

-How will money be handled in this marriage relationship, who's responsible for which bills and how often can one spouse say 'no' when it comes to spending decisions without feeling guilty or selfish about doing so because of their personal values or beliefs?

These are some of the best premarital counseling topics that will change your relationship.

For more details, you can pick the premarital counseling workbook and go through it.


12 principles of Making a marriage work:

When We Talk We Make It Better

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