Couples Counseling Pre marriage Questions [ Honey Let's Talk ]
431 views · Oct 21, 2022
These are 10 couples counseling pre marriage questions every girl should ask before getting married to the guy... 

Breakup, Separation and divorce has been on a rise in the recent past, I sometimes wonder what's wrong, is it that marriage or relationship in general is not working or maybe there is something that people know and they are not telling us.  Because we are passionate about helping you prepare well, we did our research and come up with some intentional questions you should ask your fiancé before getting married.

This video will take you step by step on how and what to ask the groom before you too tie the knot. The reason why this questions are important is because no one want to get into a marriage then divorce within a year or even two, our intention in getting married is to stay till death do us part. 

Have you ever wondered what questions you should be asking your future partner before marriage. Wonder no more because today we shall look into 10 critical questions every bride should ask the groom before saying I do.

These questions are good to ask your boyfriend, your fiancé or even someone your looking to marry in the future.

I have categorized these questions into three
1. Questions that helps build trust between the two of you.
2. Questions that help you understand your partners worldview.
3. Questions that help you understand your fiancés religious views 

To make the video short I will break it down into three short videos, today we look into the first five questions then next time we shall address the next five

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