Are you newly married? Here’s our 10 best biblical Marriage Advice for Newlyweds.

First, Congratulations!

You’re about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of your life together. But it can also be a little scary at times, especially if you don’t know what to expect.

Most people will tell you that the first year of marriage may be characterized by drama and hardship.

Maybe because the first year of marriage is full of big adjustments, but we want to help make it as easy and fun as possible. This is not to say that you won’t have challenges, but with the help of God and the right mindset, it will be much easier to get through.

Here are our top 10 best biblical marriage advice for newlyweds to help you make the most of your first year of marriage!

You can use these tips to strengthen your relationship and build a strong foundation for years to come.

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1) Keep daily time with God a priority

By far the most essential marital advice you will ever receive as a newlywed is to prioritize God. God knows both you and your partner better and has the ability to help you maintain unity in spite of your differences.

Tip: Make daily opportunities for prayer and worship a priority, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day together after dinner or before going to bed. These mini-devotions with your spouse will go a long way toward helping you grow as a couple.

By doing this you’ll have more emotional stability, spiritual insight, contentment in your marriage, and a better grasp of your spouse’s desires.

In addition, it will help you avoid problems brought about by sin because you are both seeking God’s guidance first.

You can utilize a couple’s devotion as a place to start if you don’t know where to begin with devotion. Here are some great inexpensive ones.

>>The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller

>>One Year Love Language  by Gary Chapman

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2) Agree on how to handle finance

One of the most common challenges newlyweds face is how to handle money. Everyone has a money personality that is typically shaped by their family of origin. That means people come together with different ideas about money.

Sit down and talk about what you both expect out of your finances, how you see yourselves handling the bills in five to ten years, and how much spending is too much spending.

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Financial stress can cause more divorces than any other single issue.

Tip: Agree on your financial priorities early in your marriage so you can maintain unity as a couple. Discuss how you’ll do it and whether you should have a joint account.

If needed, seek help from a financial professional or a Christian counselor who can help you work through your finances.

3) Learn To Fight fair

Fighting well is a vital part of building a solid foundation for your marriage. When couples consistently fight over the same things without resolution, it works against establishing a positive relationship.

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However, it is important to have conflict but for it to be constructive.

Tip: Don’t let your disagreements escalate into personal attacks or win-lose situations. Whatever you do, remember to win as a team.

Here are four questions to ask yourself before you get into an argument with your spouse:

  1. Will this issue really matter in one month?
  2. Do I understand my spouse’s point of view?
  3. How can I make my spouse feel close to me after this conversation?
  4. What is the ultimate goal of our conversation?

Tip: Learn how to talk about the hard things in your marriage without hurting each other. If you can’t seem to make progress on an issue, discuss it with a counselor or trusted friend to get some outside perspective.

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4) Alway Listen to understand Not to Respond

Listen to understand, not to reply is one of Stephen Covey’s most famous quotations on communication. He suggests that when we speak with people, we tend to listen for the sole purpose of giving a reply.

This is not only rude but also ineffective in understanding the speaker. “We take this concept and apply it to marriage, you must learn how to listen.” And not just listen but actively listen to your partner.

Tip: Listening is more than just using your ears; it requires focus and a non-judgmental attitude. When you listen, your spouse will feel valued and cared for.

By practicing this approach in your marriage, you’ll not only make your spouse feel respected but also create a deeper level of intimacy.

Recommended Books on Active listening:

>>4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication

>> I Hear You

5) Find Common things to do together

Whether it’s walking together, playing basketball, cycling, or watching movies, find something that you both enjoy doing.

This will help you strengthen your intimacy by allowing you to rediscover the pleasures of doing things together as a couple.

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In these activities, you’ll learn about each other’s preferences or tastes.

Tip: Be creative! Talk to your friends or family members for ideas or suggestions, and look online for hobbies and activities that you can do together.

According to research, individuals who do things together have a deeper and more authentic connection.

If you love cycling you can get the Mongoose Status Mountain Bike highly recommended for couples.

6) Be patient with one another

Marriage takes work, but it’s worth it in the end! With all the adjustments and changes newlyweds experience, it is easy to let impatience creep in and take over.

First of all, understand that newly married couples are in a transition phase. The newlywed stage is an exciting journey that takes time to adjust, so be patient with each other and enjoy the ride.

Tip: Love is built on trust, patience, and commitment. In order to build a strong foundation for your marriage, you’ll have to work together as a team and maintain the loving bond you both share.

1 Corinthians 13:4

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

7) Avoid comparing yourselves to others in terms of money, social status, or appearance

If you look at other couples, it’s inevitable to compare yourself. The problem is that you can never be sure how accurate their life really is.

Every marriage is unique, so it is impossible to tell what goes on behind closed doors. Pace yourself and understand that comparisons with others can lead to unrealistic expectations and unnecessary disappointment.

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Tip: Always keep in mind that you are living your life, not another person’s life. Love is not about being superior to others but about loving one another despite your differences.

Comparison is the number one enemy of marriage. If you both keep this in mind, your marriage will be strong and healthy.

8) Always find Time for Date Night

Date night is not just for newlyweds. It’s for every couple! The reason why date night is so important is that it helps couples escape the stress of work and family responsibilities.

You can go out for dinner, catch a movie, or just stay in for some wine and snacks at home. Whatever you do, make sure to connect with your spouse.

Tip: Date nights are an opportunity to express your deep feelings and thoughts, realign your priorities, and basically express your love.

Question to discuss during a date night:

  1. What does intimacy mean to you?
  2. What could make date nights even better?
  3. How have I been serving you this past week?
  4. How is our sex life and what can we do to improve it?
  5. What are some things or situations that cause you to feel lonely or disconnected?

9) It’s okay to “think different but think together”

When you’re newlyweds, it’s okay to disagree on some things. You can each make your own decisions or pick your favorite movies and restaurants.

If the decision you make drifts you apart probably it’s not worth it.

However, if you want to be a happy newlywed, you both must think together. You should cooperate with each other to achieve your goals.

Not only will this strengthen your trust and intimacy but also help you build a successful future together.

Tip: It’s important to make decisions together instead of doing things separately.

Amos 3:3 Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?

10) Talk About Sex and Satisfaction

Sex is a touchy subject. We all know that it’s important to maintain physical intimacy in a relationship, but what about our emotional needs?

What if we’re not satisfied with our sex lives? How do we talk to each other about this without hurting the other person’s feelings or making them think they aren’t good enough for us?

These are all questions I’ve been pondering lately and after some research, I found out there are ways to make sex more satisfying- not only for your partner but also for yourself.

We recommend taking time to openly talk about sex, and communicate your desires and expectation.

Tip: It’s okay to start slowly and build your sex life from there. Don’t feel embarrassed to share your desires.

Conclusions: Best biblical marriage advice for newlyweds

It can be difficult to find the best biblical marriage advice for newlyweds to help you stay in sync with your spouse. The best way to go about this is by actively listening, participating in date nights, and always considering your spouse’s opinion. Put into practice these tips and your newlywed life will be a breeze!

Hope you enjoyed this biblical marriage advice for newlyweds, let us know in the comment which one you like the most

We wish you all the best in this new adventure together.

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