10 Signs God is Preparing You for a Relationship

There are many signs that God is preparing you for a relationship. Signs of readiness may come in different ways, but there are some common patterns or themes that often emerge when someone is on the path to finding love.

These signs can be hard to see at first, but once they become apparent it’s easier to understand the truth. If you have been single for a while and are wondering if God is preparing you for a relationship, there are ten signs that may indicate this.

In this article, we will explore 10 Signs God Is Preparing You For A Relationship and how they can help prepare you for your future marriage.

You feel at peace with the idea of being single for now.

The first indication that God is preparing you for dating is when you begin to appreciate your singleness. This implies that you are satisfied with not feeling incomplete. You trust God to meet your needs and have an understanding of yourself such that the only person who can make you whole is Him.

When you have discovered your identity in God and are no longer seeking it in a lover, you know that God is working in your heart. You are at ease with being single. You feel a sense of freedom to pursue God’s purpose for you without worrying how anyone else will think about it.

This feeling of peace is a level of maturity that is hard to reach without growing in your understanding of God. If you are single and struggling with this, it’s a good sign that finding love may be the last thing on His agenda for you right now.

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Your emotional needs are met through prayer and meditation instead of from someone else.

The second sign that God is preparing you to enter into a relationship is when your emotional needs are met through prayer and the Word instead of exclusively from someone else.

This means that if you struggle with feeling lonely, hungry for affection, or insecure about yourself; it’s not because nobody wants to spend time with you but rather because God is still at work and you are not yet ready.

When your emotional needs are met through personal prayer and meditation, it means that God is meeting them in a way that nobody else can. This implies His preference to comfort us when we’re feeling vulnerable rather than our needing somebody else’s touch to bring us relief or reassurance of self-worth.

If you find yourself choosing God over someone else then you might be ready to be in a relationship.

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You are learning to enjoy your own company.

One of the biggest Signs God is preparing you for a relationship occurs when someone has learned to be okay without another person by their side all the time.

If you can go out with friends or even spend an evening alone and not feel like something’s missing, then there may be room in your heart for someone else.

On the other hand, if you feel like something is missing when you are not in a relationship or with your significant other all the time then it’s likely that God has not yet opened up this area of your heart to anyone but Him.

God wants to take you from a place of brokenness to a state of wholeness before introducing you to your future partner. So if you feel whole and complete when you’re alone, then it’s a good sign that God is preparing you for someone else.

You can imagine yourself in another relationship and feel happy about the possibilities.

Another one of the Signs God is preparing you for a relationship occurs when someone has taken time to reflect on what they want from their future partner and how the two of them could work together to build a beautiful life.

If you can imagine yourself being in another relationship or even getting married one day, then it means that your heart is open and accepting of this possibility.

This doesn’t mean that you’re ready for marriage tomorrow but rather Signs God has made you able to think about what the future may hold if you were to choose someone else.

You can say no and be okay with it if it jeopardizes your relationship with God.

Another Signs God is preparing you for a relationship occurs when somebody has learned how to say no without feeling guilty about the consequences of their choice.

If you can say ‘no’ to something that would affect your relationship with God, then this is a clear sign that He has put the desire for His kingdom and will before anything else.

This Signs God is preparing you for a relationship because if we know that our first priority lies with Him, then it means we can pursue someone else without feeling like we’ve abandoned or betrayed anyone in the process.

You’ve been working on yourself, including the emotional baggage that’s holding you back from being ready for a relationship. 

Being in a relationship is hard enough without the added pressure of emotional baggage from past experiences with relationships and people.

If you have been working on yourself or going through some form of therapy, then it means that you are making a conscious effort to grow and move past the emotional baggage from your past.

This implies readiness for a future relationship because it demonstrates an interest in someone else without being influenced entirely by what happened before them or how they will compare to those who came before them.

God has been telling you about this person for months now but they haven’t shown up yet.

We believe God can speak to us regarding the person we’re meant to be with and even give us a sense of when we’ll meet them.

If you’ve been feeling like God has told you about this person before but they haven’t shown up yet, then it’s likely that there is still someone important for your life who hasn’t arrived just yet. Keep waiting because maybe the timing is not yet right and God is simply using this as a way to build up your faith.

Your friends and family start telling you how much they like your new attitude about love.

Sometimes, God can use people around you to communicate to you that you are ready to be in a relationship.

If your friends and family have noticed how much your attitude about love has changed or if they’ve started to talk more positively towards it, then this could mean that He is working behind the scenes in other areas as well. Maybe He is preparing you for another person who will share your values.

You begin to feel like love isn’t something that’s out of reach anymore, but rather something closer than you expected it would be.

If you start feeling like love is not as far away or unattainable as before, then this means God has brought someone else closer than you think.

Get ready something fresh is about to happen.

You’re reading books on relationships and dating.

Books can be another way God is preparing you for a relationship because He can use them to teach you how to be in one.

If you’re reading books on relationships or dating then it could mean that God is using these resources as a way of preparing and helping guide your attitude about love and what it means to be in a serious relationship.

Stay open, look out for opportunities, and be open to the possibilities that may come your way.

God is preparing you for a relationship but it doesn’t mean He will put them in your path immediately, so keep waiting!

When God is working behind the scenes then this means that we have to wait patiently and not give in to temptation or pressure from others who want us to move faster or to give up.

The idea of marriage excites you, rather than scares you away.

This is another sign that God may be working in your life because if you’re excited about the idea of marriage, then it means that He has helped prepare you for this person.

The idea of marriage can be scary because it’s a big step to take, but when you are excited about the idea of being in one with someone else then this means that God has prepared you for the person who will share your feelings.

Final Thoughts:

If even just one or two of these signs sound familiar to you, then maybe there’s someone already on their way into your life! Just remember to keep praying and waiting on God.

Don’t give up hope!

If you’re feeling like the person that is meant for you hasn’t arrived yet, then don’t lose heart or get discouraged because there are many reasons why they haven’t shown up just yet.

God could be working on other areas of your life right now to help prepare and strengthen your faith for this person.

Keep your eyes open and look out for new opportunities that come into your life because God may be preparing you to meet someone who is coming around the corner!

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