Do Pastors Charge For Premarital Counseling?

Do Pastors Charge For Premarital Counseling?

Are you looking for a pastor to conduct your premarital counseling? You might get a surprise with the pastor’s bill. Many believe that pastors do not charge for premarital counseling. In many churches, local pastors offer free marriage counseling services. However, in some cases, they do charge. The most common reasons why they would request […]

How do you conduct premarital counseling?

Do This To Effectively Conduct Premarital Counseling Session

Lots of articles talk about premarital counseling, and we’ve been doing our fair share of sharing them in the blog. Today, we’re going to focus on what a counselor should do to effectively conduct a premarital counseling session. Great premarital counseling means carefully assessing the couple’s emotional and financial compatibility before embarking on marriage. Counselors […]

premarital counseling for second marriage

61 Premarital Counseling Question For Couples In Their Second Marriage

Every second marriage is unique, and premarital counseling for second marriages should be tailored to the needs of each couple. However, there are some questions that couples in second marriages can discuss during premarital counseling to help them avoid common pitfalls. This blog post outlines 61 different questions that may be helpful for second-marriage couples […]

When Should You Start Premarital Counseling

When Is The Best Time To Start Premarital Counseling

The first thing many couples think of when they hear premarital counseling is “getting married”. And while the primary intention here is not wrong, it does miss an important aspect when moving forward with marriage. Premarital counseling should be seen as a tool to help you prepare well for marriage, not a quick fix for […]

enemies of marriage

11 Deadly Enemies of Marriage [Protect Your Marriage Today]

Enemies of marriage come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they just come into your marriage to destroy it from the outside, but sometimes they can come from within a marriage as well. Probably the most dangerous enemy of a marriage is a person who doesn’t want to work at their marriage, or perhaps doesn’t […]

How To Know If You Should Marry Someone

3 Golden StepsTo Know If You Should Marry Someone

Did you know that similar personalities has almost no effect of how satisfied people are in their relationship? This is according to a study conducted by Michigan State University on couples married 20 years and above. Bill Chopik, a professor of psychology at Close Relationships Lab says the key to a happy relationship is simply […]

first year of marriage

Our first year of marriage-10 Things We learned

Our first year of marriage was one amazing journey, it had its own share of challenges but we really had fun. The challenges that we faced in this one year were very instrumental in shaping our view about marriage and our passion for each other. We hope these 10 lessons that we learned in our […]