Premarital Counseling With A Pastor

There are many premarital counseling sessions that you can take to help prepare for marriage. One of the most popular pre-marriage courses is premarital counseling with a Pastor.

Pre-marriage advice from a pastor will come in handy when you need it the most. It provides the wisdom needed to make informed decisions about your relationship as well as what’s expected of you after saying “I do.”

What is premarital counseling with a Pastor? Premarital counseling with a pastor is a technique that uses the Bible as the main reference to help couples prepare for marriage. Even though pastors will use a curriculum, the conversation always points you back to Christ through scripture.

Here are some things that premarital counseling with Pastor can offer couples, that you won’t find in normal couples therapy.

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1) A Pastor Will Guide You To See God’s Design For Marriage.

Marriage is a sacred and meaningful commitment. Premarital counseling is a great way to ensure that a couple has received all of the support and resources needed before they enter marriage.

Because marriage thrives when couples work in partnership with God’s blueprint. The Pastor will show you how to make the marriage work by examining scripture and helping you understand God’s design for marriage.

He’ll also show you what success in marriage looks like according to scripture – which might not be the same as society’s expectations of this union – so your relationship can last even longer.

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2) He Will Help You See How Sin Is A Major Problem In Marriage

God’s original design for marriage was perfect. But when sin entered the world, it devastated everything and messed up God’s plan. One of the most common problems with pre-marriage counseling is that couples don’t realize how much sin affects the way they view life.

What sins can hurt your marriage?


A premarital counseling session with a pastor will help you see how selfishness is a major problem in marriage.

People who are truly committed to being selfless and serving others, especially their spouse, thrive in marriage. But people who live for themselves and don’t care about the needs of others often feel isolated and lonely.

A Biblical premarital counseling session is one way to pre-empt this problem.

The Pastor will show you how selfishness can hurt your marriage. What it looks like and how to overcome it so that you have a strong foundation for your relationship from the start.


Unforgiveness is another major sin that can hurt your marriage. A pastor will discuss scripture to show you how forgiveness is a godly quality.

If left unchecked, unforgiveness can cause you to hurt your spouse more. It can lead to anger or bitterness which are two major causes of divorce according to much research.

A pastor will help you not only see how unforgiveness is hurting your marriage but also what you can do to overcome it.


A premarital counseling session with a Pastor will help you understand lust and how powerful its effect is on marriage. Lustful thoughts are one of the biggest contributors to infidelity. Which is the leading cause of divorce according to several types of research.

The pastor will teach about sinful desires and provide guidance for overcoming them so that your love doesn’t succumb to this temptation either before or after the wedding day.

Whether you like it or not sin is an enemy of marriage and has been since the beginning. The Pastor will help you see how your marriage is vulnerable to sin, providing advice on how to avoid it or overcome it.

3) Pastor Will Help Define What Submission Is and How It Impacts Marriages.

Submission is a hard word to define and comprehend. It is important for couples to clearly understand what God says about submission – to give and take, for instance. A pastor will provide premarital counseling sessions that discuss these points in depth.

Marriage can be so much more fulfilling and happy when couples learn how to submit not only to God but also to one another.

4) Pastor can also offer some insight into the spiritual headship of men and how this transfers to marriage.

Men are called to be leaders in their homes and this is a role that many men feel unprepared for. The pastor would have to share insights into what it means for a man to be the head of his home.

The Bible instructs wives to support their husbands in leadership. This responsibility can leave women feeling burdened or overworked. To help alleviate these feelings, the pastor may offer insight from scripture on how God desires our spouses to support us through their love and encouragement rather than by being an enforcer.


Christian values will also be discussed during premarital counseling. Because pastors know that they bring up conflicting opinions between couples who come from different backgrounds. Read this article here to learn why you shouldn’t marry a non christian. The Bible often discusses those topics extensively so you’ll find helpful wisdom there.

Another benefit of a Pastor as a counselor is that they have seen many couples come through their doors, so you know what to expect. Your pastor’s experience will give you insight into how best to deal with any situation in your marriage journey together.


Remember that these sessions can take place before or after an engagement depending on when you think you need it. It’s never too late to start the Bible-based conversation. Learn from premarital counseling with Pastor before your wedding day.

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